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06-Nov-2017 10:53

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Cyber is a prefix used in a growing number of terms to describe new things that are being made possible by the spread of computers.

Anything related to the Internet also falls under the cyber category.

This decrease in speed isn’t necessarily because the network speed itself is slow – it’s because of network congestion and overuse.

As data centers are built and reimagined to support higher-bandwidth computing, storage and content delivery services, the components used to connect them will also need to change – and edge-mount pluggable modules are a good example.

If a file option has a ✚ next to it, then you may double-click that option name to choose a local file to use.

Armitage will upload the chosen local file and set the option to its remote location for you.

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Cyberspace is the non-physical terrain created by computer systems.

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You can also tunnel Metasploit attacks through a Cobalt Strike Beacon.

The second half of this video shows Armitage and Cobalt Strike working together: Some Metasploit modules require you to specify one or more files.Generally, Armitage will do its best to move files between you and the shared Metasploit server to create the illusion that you're using Metasploit locally.