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25-Jul-2017 06:36

Broadway, Popular and Classical music will be used.

Students will learn the basics of music - note values, time signatures, etc.

If you are looking for an extremely well maintained and comfortable/ quiet community I highly recommend Brandywine. While you may not have granite counter tops or the most modern cabinets, the condition of my apartment is excellent and homey. AT LEAST 2 DAYS A WEEK YOU WILL GET BLASTED OUT OF HUMBLE SLEEP TO EITHER OF THE FOLLOWIMG: LAWN MOWERS (even in the dead of winter when grass doesn't need mowed), CHAIN SAWS CUTTING DOWN TREES, LEAF BLOWERS (obviously to keep their maintenance staff busy when there's nothing else to do), ALL OTHER VARIOUS TYPES OF LOUD EQUIPMENT imaginable!!!

I have lived at Brandywine in the Hartland neighborhood for going on two years and could not be more pleased.