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Along the way, other characters migrate in and out, such as narrator/dating Yoda Bruce (Andrew Santino), who dispenses bar-etiquette wisdom like, “The higher the heels, the looser she feels.” Or there’s Jessica (Alexis Carra), a single mom a few years older than most of the patrons, who walks in and deadpans, “I feel like Helen Mirren.” Although the central conceit might appear confining — and not exactly built for a 100-episode run — it’s pretty clear from the outset that “Mixology” has the characters’ entire lives and romantic histories upon which to draw, while veering into pop-culture references like debating the merits of “Sex and the City” or (in the second episode) dissing the entire CBS comedy lineup.

Of course, maintaining this sort of rat-a-rat patter is no small feat, but the series gets off to such a promising start as to bode well for future installments.

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Added Ward: “His drink was a little sweet at the outset, but for me the arc of a drink is important.And it would be a bold-faced lie to say I didn't enjoy it. Making a perfect whiskey sour or an old fashioned—when we had the ingredients—was something to be proud of. And who better to impress than your date on the first outing?

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