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13-Feb-2018 03:28

The nude man is described as white with white hair and a beard.

The case is similar to two others in the Mount Forest area where a man in a pickup truck approached young teen girls.

(Google Street View) A naked man asked an 8-year-old girl to come talk to him by a truck on a rural road near Mount Forest Saturday morning, police say.

The little girl was riding her bike on Concession Road 8, just east of Mount Forest in the Township of Wellington North, when a dark blue pickup truck stopped near her around a.m., Ontario Provincial Police said.

Her death was eventually blamed — not on rape and murder — but on heat exhaustion and insect stings, says the report by Dr.

Michael Pollanen, Ontario’s chief forensic pathologist. The sexual-homicide “mimic” underscores the importance of considering alternative theories, of “disentangling our preconceptions from the actual truth,” he said. is a reminder to forensic pathologists to avoid tunnel vision,” wrote Pollanen in the journal Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology.

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Forensic pathologists must be unafraid to scientifically explore improbable, but true, alternative explanations.” His warnings would seem to embody a key part of Pollanen’s original mission in Ontario.The Svobodniki became famous for their public nudity: mostly for their nude marches in public and the acts of arson committed also in the nude.